May 10, 2003 Tribute Dinner

Kim and Mary Lee

On May 10, 2003, 150 friends, colleagues, and activists gathered to honor Mary Lee and her more than 30 years of contributions to Champaign-Urbana and Illinois. Below are some of the stories shared that night.

Prairie Mary

Paul Apodaca took a history course from Mary Lee in the "Honors Integrated Studies Program." His remarks originally appeared in The Parkland Prospectus newspaper in 2001.

Mary Lee: My introduction to lesbian, feminist, environmental, and peace communities in 1970s Champaign, IL

Mardy Karen Keener is a retired Professor of English at Parkland College. Her remarks were originally presented in March 2003 at a tribute to Mary Lee held at Parkland College.

Meg Miner's Tribute to Mary Lee

Meg Miner, a member of the 85% Coalition, was arrested with Mary Lee along with three others in May 2001 during a civil disobedience in the Illinois State Capitol to protest the stalling of a gay rights bill.