Attention All Men Poster85% Coalition

An activist, direct action group demanding civil rights for lesbian, transgender, bisexual and gay residents of Illinois.

Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night, an annual rally and march to protest and mourn violence against women is held every April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Take Back the Night is an international event held annually to protest violence against women. Sexual violence is by far the most unreported violent crime in our society.

Grand Prairie Friends of Illinois

Grand Prairie Friends of Illinois is a nonprofit organization composed of people from many walks of life who share a commitment to preserving and restoring tallgrass prairie in East-Central Illinois.

Grassroots Group of Second Class Citizens

In December of 1981, a group of women in Champaign County, Illinois formed the Grassroots Group of Second Class Citizens to plan a series of direct actions in support of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution.

Women Rising in Resistance

A national network of feminists engaged in direct action founded in August 1983. Women Rising in Resistance has evolved into a connecting web or network of affinity groups and individual activists who create direct action demonstrations for lesbian, feminist, womanist, pacifist, radical causes and issues.

Women Take Liberty

In 1986, to celebrate the statue's 100th year anniversity, a group of women joined at the Statue of Liberty to dedicate her to liberty, equality, sisterhood and peace, honor the women of the world, and affirm a feminist vision for the future.

A Woman's Place

A Woman's Fund started in 1971 as two separate groups: A Woman's Place, which offered shelter for women escaping domestic violence, and Champaign County Women Against Rape (now Rape Crisis Services). These small grassroots organizations grew out of a commitment to provide women with safety and support in crisis situations.